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" Scientific & Engineering, the Keys of  successful injection molding"

         The plastic injection process must be able to be measured.

           The plastic injection molding process must be able to be repeated.



We are the hand-on polymer scientist and molding engineers who used to work in the plastic injection molding industry for 22 years.

We provide a professional predictive injection molding. We predict for prevent what will happen in the injection molding future works and do not allow the troubles happen.

We focus on scientific molding, design for manufacturing, systematic methodology approach (Plastic material, Product design, Mold design, Equipment & processing design) and do every task right since the beginning.

Most of the injection molding manufacturers still having big waste and big loss, where both are the MONEY !

Fluent Injection molding solution aims to support the customer eliminate their waste and help the customer saving COST. 



-- FLUENT's Founder 

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