FLUENT  COMPANY LIMITED  We do the Injection Molding Flow Analysis, Scientific Injection Molding Training and Consultant also complete solution of New Mold making. We do a total solutions since product and mold design applying the Flow analysis target to have quality molds fit to the machine under the design for manufacturing conceptual. Hand On Training ,coaching and strategics help you Right since the beginning.

FLUENT set up the Training and Consultant for the customer in the name of “FLUENT Scientific Injection Molding Training and Consultant”. Fluent strategies to carries out the training and consulting on the basis of “Mold your IDEAs RIGHT since the beginning.


Some of Training Record
2009   - In-plant training : Injection Machine Set up.
           - In-plant training : Efficient Troubleshoot  the molding problem.

2011   - Scientific Injection Molding Set up ,Trial, validation  and production methodology.
           - Significant Cycle Time Reduction and Quality Enhancement Proved by Moldex3DConformal Cooling
           - In-plant training : Efficient Troubleshoot  the molding problem (INOAC, Chonburi)

2012 – 2014 - New Injection Molding Plant Design, Building , and Installation, DATAMARS , Lamphoon

2015   - Qualified  of  VALEO Global “Mold Expert“

2016   - Introduction to Bio plastic :Principle / Application N’ Processing ; Government project

2017  - Systematic Trouble Shooting o Plastic Injection Molding/TDIA(Thai Tool & Die Industries Association)
          - SCIENTIFIC Injection Molding ; TDIA (Thai Tool & Die Industries Association)
          - Efficient Moldflow Simulation for Mold Design (THAI USUI; Ayutthaya / SNC Former , Samutprakarn)
          - Moldflow Seminar : Workshop ; Autodesk Thailand


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